A Complete Guide to Park Guell Barcelona

Park Guell in Barcelona attracts ten million tourists each year and is the 2nd largest attraction after Sagrada Familia. The park was designed as a residential complex for 60 homes. Architect Antoni Gaudi designed it in the year 1900 but no one was interested in buying it, so the project got abandoned and in 1926 it became a Public Park.

The park has been divided into two zones. The Monumental Zone occupies just 5% of total area, where Gaudi’s work is exhibited and you need to buy tickets to enter this part. The remaining 95% is the park zone.

What are the tourist attractions at Monumental Zone?

Must see attractions include –

  • Gaudí House Museum or Casa Museu Gaudí
  • Guard Museum or Museu del Guarda
  • Wash House Portico or Pòrtic de la Bugadera
  • Hypostyle Room or Sala Hipòstila 
  • Nature Square or Plaça de la Natura 
  • Gardens of Austria or Jardins d’Àustria 

Not to forget the awesome paths, roadways and bridges.

How can you reach Park Guell?

You can go by public bus, the metro or on Barcelona’s hop on/off sightseeing bus tours. Park Guell is located on the north side of Carmel Hill, which is a part of Collserola Mountain range.

  • By Metro – Take Green Line or L3. You can get down at Lesseps Metro station and reach Park Guell in 20-minutes on foot. It is recommended to get down at the Vallcarca Metro station [also known as Park Guell metro stop] because from here you can take an escalator from Baixada la Gloria to reach the entrance. Runs the whole week, so can be used any day.
  • By Bus – Bus 24, Bus 116, and bus H6 can be boarded to reach Park Guell.
  • By City Tour Bus – There are two buses – Barcelona Bus Turistic is blue line bus and the Barcelona City Tour is green coded bus. Both buses drop you at walkable distance [10-min] from the park.

Tip – To reach fast take metro but if there is time get on the bus to see the panoramic view of the city. Bus is preferred because walking distance is also shorter than the metro station. Vallcarca metro station lies higher, so best when you go towards the park but while returning Lesseps Metro station is recommended because it is lower.

What are opening and closing hours at Park Guell?

The opening and closing time keeps on changing all around the year in Park Guell.

Peak season

 From 30th April – 26th August

  • Opening – 8 am
  • Last entry – 8.30 pm
  • Closing – 9.30 pm


From 25th March – 29th April and from 27th August to 27th October

  • Opening – 8 am
  • Last entry – 7.30 pm
  • Closing – 8.30 pm


From 1st January – 24th March and from 28th October to 31st December

  • Opening – 8.30 am
  • Last entry – 6 pm
  • Closing – 7 pm

Tip – Even if the park closes officially at the scheduled timing, travelers can go in but with limited lighting no one can enjoy the park’s color and landscaping. Park Guell can be visited for free but early in the morning prior access controls are placed.

When is the best time for photography in Park Guell?

Photographers can visit early in the morning to catch light on the colorful mosaics. Early morning visits means less people strolling around. From here photographers can go to Sagrada Familia at noon to capture best photographs of lights entering stained glass from an angle.

How long does the tour around Park Guell last?

Leisurely tour can take around 1 ½ hour. Fast explorer, who is not interested in the detail but added it in the itinerary can complete the tour in one hour. Relaxed and not-in-hurry traveler can spend quality time at the park.

To know about Park Guell attractions in detail visit http://www.tripindicator.com/park-guell-barcelona-map-tickets-tours.html.

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